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Posted on Saturday, June 1, 2024

About Nascent: Founded in 2020, Nascent is dedicated to building, expanding, and capturing opportunities in open markets and permissionless technologies. We actively deploy assets across a range of strategies, making us prominent users of the open financial system. We've invested in over 50 early-stage teams, seeking competitive and curious minds in the crypto ecosystem.

Program Overview: The Nascent Internship Program is designed to be maximally flexible and remote-first, offering a unique opportunity to learn, experiment, and build with a world-class team. We provide structured support, mentorship, and the freedom to pitch and pursue your own projects.

What to Expect from the Nascent Internship:

  • Flexibility: Interns can pitch their own timeline and working hours to fit their personal and academic schedules.
  • Remote-First: While the program is primarily remote, there are opportunities for in-person collaboration during retreats and gatherings.
  • Mentorship: Each intern is paired with a dedicated mentor to guide their learning and project development.
  • Autonomy: Interns have the freedom to define their projects and explore areas of interest within the realms of crypto and AI.
  • Networking: Opportunities to connect with Nascent’s team of experts and other industry professionals.

We are currently offering 2 types of internships:

  1. Emergent Research Internship
    • Description:
      • This internship is ideal for individuals passionate about diving deep into research areas in crypto or AI. Interns will define their research questions, gather data, analyze findings, and present their conclusions.
      • Key Responsibilities:
        • Define research objectives and methodologies.
        • Conduct literature reviews and data collection.
        • Analyze data using appropriate tools and techniques.
        • Present findings to the team and potentially publish results.
      • Skills Developed:
        • Research methodologies, data analysis, academic writing, domain-specific knowledge (crypto or AI).
  2. Builder Internship
    • Description:
      • This internship is for hands-on builders who want to be embedded within an operational unit at Nascent and help build the most future oriented optimized and automated organization EVER. You’ll focus on deploying automations, developing AI agents, and building dashboards in Looker Studio or Tableau to improve or optimize Nascent operations (people, performance, product, projects, finance, accounting).
      • Key Responsibilities:
        • Identify and scope automation and AI opportunities within the unit.
        • Develop and implement automation scripts and AI agents.
        • Design and build interactive dashboards for data visualization.
        • Collaborate with team members to optimize processes and outcomes.
      • Skills Developed:
        • Automation, AI development, data visualization, process optimization
  3. Put me where I fit. I just want to be here!

General Application Process:

  • Initial Application: Complete the application on Breezy, which includes questions to help you think through and design your own internship.
  • Cognitive and Technical Aptitude Test: Take a cognitive aptitude test and a fun game to help us understand your talent areas.
  • Initial Interview: Participate in an initial interview with our People and Culture team.
  • Team Interviews: If successful, proceed to interviews with specific teams where your interests and project pitch might be a match.
  • References: Provide references in advance of an offer to join Nascent.


  • Competitive hourly wage.
  • Attendance at retreats and gatherings.
  • Dedicated coaching and mentorship.
  • Awesome swag.
  • Digital library access to Audible & Blinkist.
  • Flexible hours & remote work.